Critical error when reopening pattern file



I created a pattern with my usual measurement file and saved it many times with no problems. When I tried to reopen it a few hours after my last save, a critical error occurred. I don’t have access to my file anymore. See screenshot here: Capture

Could it be because I created it with French measurements first, then switched for English measurements? I didn’t have a choice because there is an error with N02 (same name than N01 in French, so I didn’t have access to N01, which I needed). By the way, if it’s appropriate, I can post some of the errors I found in the measurements in French.

Operating system version: Windows 7 Seamly2D version:

Here is my pattern file, but I don’t want to post here my measurement file because it is too private. I can send it by email though. JoceLeggingsBlock20180828.val (36.6 KB)

Do I have to start over?


If you let me have the measurements file (.vit), I’ll be able to check it and try to fix it.

With regard to the errors in the French translation of the measurements, yes, please do let us know what the different measurements should be named, perhaps in a separate topic to differentiate between the errors on the file.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


OK, so here is my measurement file. [Removed] Thank you!


Try this one. It’s not perfect but that’s what I usually do with broken files - just delete in text editor the whole part Seamly doesn’t like.

In this case, it seems you will have to create a detail or several details again, so I really doubt it was because of language switch, the same happened to me, something wrong with detail contour as I understand

Remember to create a backup file, Seamly just be like that sometimes :upside_down_face:

JoceLeggingsBlock20180828.val (32.8 KB)


It’s almost perfect, I tried it myself and it worked. Thank you so much! You made my day!:sweat_smile:


JoceLeggingsBlock Fixed.val (34.0 KB)

All done. download fixed pattern


You have fixed everything, thank you ! If you can, let me know how you did it…


u r welcome. unfortunately, you removed OR excluded the B16 point ((Front Hook Point)) from detail of front panel ((devant)) i just recoverd that whithin the XML source of pattern line 207 i just changed inUse property value from false in to the true. best regards.



Wow! I’m impressed! :open_mouth: