Critical error deleting curve


I chose the 2nd point of a regular curve, changed that point to a different point under options. Then I tried to delete the curve entirely and received this error


What happens when you re-open the file?


@ladysinaz, thank you for bug report. But we need more details. Your description is not full. Could you:

  • Tell us which version do you use.
  • Provide a pattern file in state right before the error.
  • Provide a sequence of your steps to be able to reproduce the bug.




I can’t provide the pattern in the previous state, I changed a bunch of stuff while trying to figure something out. It appears that I saved it with those changes. Here it is as it is now. The point I changed was the curve between A and A10. It was originally A- A## some other number. I right clicked on the curve, went into options, changed the A## to the A10. This is where the error kicked up. (I wanted to change the curve to A12, but it doesn’t show up in the drop down list for some reason) Short skirt front.val (5.1 KB)


But previously you said

So, where is the truth?:slight_smile:


I need file Jennifer Maillet.vit.


oh shit… haha… maybe I need a nap. The first one I wrote is what I wrote at the time it happened, so that one is the truth. Did I mention my memory is horrible. I forgot about the delete part in my second description Oh now that I am remembering, it had the delete option, so I tried to delete and got that error. When I clicked ok on the error the whole pattern got grayed out, the tools were grayed out. I couldn’t click on anything so I closed the program and reopened the pattern. This time the delete option was not available on right click, it was grayed out the 2nd time in.


I should look on your pattern. Publish your measurements file please.


Jennifer Maillet.vit (4.4 KB)


@ladysinaz, i cannot repeat the bug.


I couldn’t either. Something to keep an eye out for in the future i guess.


The error message says a curve can’t find point A10. This error can be very tricky to catch because after restart you will not see the same. I believe you can repeat it only if create new objects, order is also very important.