Creating formula for individual measurment



I had placed all the measurements in the individual.chart. how ever, when it com to drafting I don’t understand how to create a formula. When I put the size in as measures, I get an error message. Thanks, Varda


You need to open the measurement file here: Then when you draw your line, you click on the formula button here: Select the measurement, click on the yellow hand to put it in the bar and click on ‘OK’: Then you can add things to your formula, set the direction, line type & color: Then click on ‘OK’ again and your 1st line will be made.


Well, I did all that, and doownloaded 0.5 version, but when I go to draw, it will not bring up the measurments, even thou I have “measurment” is marked. I see a formula, but it does not tell me which measurment I am using


Did you save the measurement file as in Tape?

If so, the when you open Valentina, you choose New to start a pattern, then you choose Measurements on the file menu, click on Individual and find your measurements file that you created in Tape.

Once you have done that, you should see them in the formulas.


You can find a youtube video tutorial on this link:

When I started, I followed the one from Timelace Studio. It got me going.