Creating a new standard measurement files


Hi, I have been drafting patterns on Illustrator and just discovered Valentina. I love it but am still learning to use it so please forgive my newbie questions. I’ve searched through the forums and online and still cannot understand how to input the measurements for a standard measurement file.

The first question : When I create a new standard measurements file, there is a base size and base height. What do I select for these?

The second question is regarding the values in the table. I am trying to create, based on Winifred Aldrich’s book for Childrens and babywear, a couple of patterns sized 80,86 and 92. I am not sure what I have to input for the table, especially under the “in sizes” and “in heights” columns. I know there is a explanantion on wikipedia but I can’t understand it.

Please tell me what values I should key into the table under the columns “in sizes” and “in heights” for the following sample values

the back neck-waist measurements for the sizes are as follows 80 - 20.6cm 86 - 21.8cm 92 - 23cm (increment of 1.2cm for each size)

and the waist measurements are size 80 - 47 size 86 - 49 size 92 - 51 (increment of 2cm for each size)

I am assuming the purpose of creating this is so that I can create the pattern one time, say for size 80, and with a wave of a magic wand :grin: choose another size (say 92), and the software will generate the appropriate pattern for me. Am I right about that?

Thank you for helping! :blush:


Hi @wanderlust,

Don’t worry about this. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i think it is time to update Wiki little bit.

@wanderlust, can you show us full table? Your description is not enough for me.


Hi Dismine,

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is the original table of measurements. I only need the last three columns, using the smallest size 80 as the base size.

Thank you!


Thanks, this is much better. Now i think i can help you. :slight_smile:

Ok, last three columns looks good. They have correlation we need.

First i should say what is size here and what is height. Height you can easy find, it is 80, 86 and 92. But you have problem here. We do not support such small sizes (80 and 86). Do you use develop branch? About size. I see only one chest measurement here. So this is it. Originally this is G04 - Bust circumference (bust_circ) according to our internal system.

When you select base you just decide which column to take as a base for calculation other values based on it. For example take size 50 and height 80.

The value “in sizes” shows how change measurement when you switch to different size according to rule. The value “in heights” shows how change measurement when you switch to different height according to rule.

Your table based only on changing height. For the same height you have only one chest measurement. So, all “in sizes” will equal to 0. But there are more advanced tables that for one height provide more than one chest measurement.

Now all we need is to find out “in height” value for each measurement. I will show you only several examples to understand how it is works.

chest = 50, 52, 54 = 2. 50 + 2 = 52. 52 +2 = 54. waist = 47, 49, 51 = 2. shoulder = 6.2, 6.6, 7 = 0.4. body rise = 14.1, 14.9, 15.7 = 0.8.

Do you see a correlation?

Exactly.:slight_smile: Instead of creating three files with individual measurements that will contain only one column each. And switching between them in your case you can tell Valentina how to calculate all data based on one column.


Awesome! This was exactly what I needed. Cleared up so many questions. :smile:

Thank you so much! I have one more question regarding drawing of curves but I’ll post it under the patterns category.


Did you see my answer about small heights? I can extend the supported list if you need it.


Hi dismine,

Yes that will be great! For now I am using 92 as the base height (equivalent to 80cm) and 98 as 86 and so forth. As the calculations are based on height change, it works well for me.

If you are extending the list of heights, the babywear sizes start from 56cm (from birth) to 92cm (2yrs) based on 6cm increments. So it will be useful to extend this for those designing babywear.

By the way, are there already user contributed standard measurements available for download? Just in case I missed the link somewhere :wink:


I have updated page about Standard measurements.


I don’t know about this. Probably not.


I have created an issue #580. Extend the list of heights.


Done. I have extended the list. New members are 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86.


Thank you! I use a lot of small size patterns so this will be really useful. :smile:


I too want to use the smaller sizes. Where is this list located? I was in Tape to create a standard list and thought the extened sizes would be available from drop down menu?


From your questions i assume that you have been using version 0.4.5. Right? This is new feature, so only version 0.5.0 contains it. You can wait new release or try test build.


Correct. Thank you. I will go with test build.


Question - Is it possible to add 55cm and 66cm to base size list? With Aldrich Metric pattern cutting for children the size 3 thru 7 increase by 2cm beginning with 55cm at size 3. The size 8 thru 14 increase by 3cm beginning with 66cm at size 8.


It is possible, but not to this list. Your request is part of issue #425. I have ideas how to improve multi size tables, but don’t have time to do it.


@dismine Thanks very much for the information.