Create Passmarks



Bonjour, Comment fonctionne l’option “Passmarks”?


Have you installed this week’s test version?


version test of 2017 04 03


In Draw mode, create the detail seam allowance and include the points for passmarks. In Detail mode, right click on the detail piece, select Options In Main Path tab, right click on the point you want as a passmark. Check the ‘Passmark’ box. (The ‘Exclude’ box should be unchecked)


Also see

[Passmark on the seam line] (Passmark on the seam line)


Thanks, It looks really good now.


Thanks you very much


Hello ,

I don’t have access to the passmark tool, I have the version: Test build v.0.5.


If I change version I can use the patterns created under this version?

Thanks for your help :wink:


You can change versions and use the old pattern, I just did that and it worked.

Btw, I see “Passmarks” on the left side, so are you sure you don’t have them? Have you already tried to right click on the node you’d like to have as a passmark and than click on “passmarks” once so that a hook is in front of the word while you are with the mouse over it? And you did click on ok before after you had marked your detail and than went to details - on the detail right click and than options?


Thanks a lot !!!

I have marked my detail and went to details . I did right click and option and i can have passmark . But do you know if it 's possible to have passmark without sewing margin ?


The passmark is on the edge of the seam allowance, so no, you have to have the seam allowance (sewing margin) to see the passmark. However, you can make a very small seam allowance of 0.1 which will give you a very small passmark.


Sorry, @ lydie, my reply was incorrect. Yes it is possible to have the passmark without a seam allowance.

Specify your seam allowance and then place a checkmark at the ‘Built in’ option. This will place the passmarks on the edge of the pattern. See the image below: image


Thank you very much you’re on the top !