Crash on MaC

Hello together , I have downloaded the newest version of Seamly for MacOS. I’m not happy at the moment as the programm crashes from time to time when making a pattern and all you have done so far is lost. I can save every curve line angle immediatelely but thats time consuming. What can I do?

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Hello @H.Naehmann

Can you send us screenshots of the crashes along with a description of what you were doing shortly before the crash & the version of Seamly that you are working on, please? So that @Douglas can take a look?

Use Ctrl-S to save. It’s like second nature to me I do it without thinking in whatever program I’m using.

That being said… if you can give us feedback… screencaps or whatever error msgs may pop up can help us to figure out an issue.

That would be command/“splat/clover”-S on MacOS. Seamly2D also has an autosave/backup feature like most modern applications. I don’t use it though since I was trained in the classic style.



There’s really not much to use with autosave… an autosave file is created (every 1 min - the pref doesnt work). If you crash, and any autosave files exist- you will be prompted that the app shut down with an unsaved file the next time Seamly2D is run. If you click Ok it will load the autosave file - which will most likely lack the ladt changes you made. Thus… Ctrl-S/ Command - S.

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