Copy past pattern




is it possible tot copy your pattern, then press paste. and mayby mirror the pattern. or rotate the intire pattern? i don’t see the tools, so i think its not possible… But it can be handy for drawing bra patterns…

Copy past pattern in another pattern element


You need a test build.


Hi @Tinekedw!

The test build (download from has Group, Rotate, and Flip tools under the Operations section in Draw Mode. Let us know on the forum :writing_hand: how you use the new tools!


sounds excitting!! I’m gonna try wright away… Tanks for the tip


i’m trying to group some lines, but it doesn’t work. i think i’m doing something wrong. when i use the group button, and press on a point or line… it selects it… but when i go to the next point or line, it doesn’t join the group. i tried also the enter button,but that doesn’t work… so i’m not shure what to do



ooooooh!!! I found it… just CTRL and at the end enter ok, now i can experiment a bit



i used the tool “flipping object by line”. I used the CTRL button to select some markpoint and lines. clicked enter to conrfirm. now i can rotate the selected shape… BUT, it only remembered the curves and point… the straight lines dessipeared.


i also wanted to rotate around point “BBB” at the top. but i couldn’t select that point. i think because that point is also in de shape. I’m i doing something wrong? Or is this not possible yet? thanks



I think you have discovered a problem with the Group & rotate workflow. Can you submit an issue on our bitbucket issues list? Please include all steps and post your images. Thanks!


You can rotate only points and curves.


This not make any sense. If you rotate around point why are you trying to select it for rotation? It will stay where it is. So Valentina blocks such selection.


its not only the rotation i use. but the flipping object around that point… i use that so i could use one pattern for a bra, to create another kind of pattern… No problem, i will figure out another way to do it… thanks anyway


Just don’t select that point in a transformation list. I told you, this make no sense. Such a points will not be translated and will stay where they are.


oh, yes… i understand now… sorry… i didn’t get it wright away… thanks!! works perfectly!


Hi, I am interested in this feature in the “Draw” tab so the front back, or sides are not on top of each other. I guess that’s how it’s traditionally done in pattern making but my mind does not work that way. I have started several times to make a pattern and get frustrated because of the one on top of the other way of looking at my piece and end up not finishing.

Is there a way to do this in the draw tab or should I change the way I think?




Hi @Jason, Normally, in the 2nd pattern piece, you can click on the point B (starting point) and drag it anywhere you would like to.


I call this a base point (alwayse red). Each pattern piece has it. Moving this point also move whole pattern piece.


Thank you :slight_smile:


you are trying to attach the top part of the pattern making a dart in the bottom of the cup, right? In that case you might want to try to put a new point on top off BBB and use that one for turning?