Control of transitions on lines and curves


When drawing the cuts on paper, I control transitions of seams and curves by laying the corresponding seams together. In the program I have to come across the tool Move and Rotation to a solution. Unfortunately, I do not succeed. Can anybody help me further?


Sometimes I use union details tool to make sure there is no mistake (you have to create details first) but usually using a formula for nodes of the curve is enough. Can you give us some examples of what are you triyng to achieve?



I found a solution. The approach was to put shoulder line of front and back together so that the neckline and armhole can be controlled.


Hi @Scholli! Your solution sounds extremely useful. Perhaps other users could utilize your solution. Can you post screenshots ? Thanks!


I can do that. But I’m only on the weekend again on the computer.


Hello, unfortunately, there are no answers at the moment. I have such problems with my file and the measurement table that I have to work on it first :frowning: