Contributing for non coders



Coders are very important for project, but other not less important. And you should know you also can do a lot. Here is several ways you can contribute:

  • Help to translate Valentina.
  • Improve project’s Wiki. Did you actually know about existing this site?
  • Test dev builds.
  • Making tutorials: text and video. Any new will be great.
  • Watch main repository and discuss issues and new features with us.
  • Use Valentina.

Did i miss something?


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@pandel, do you know about Coverity Scan?


No, I didn’t. Looks very interesting, thanks for the hint! I have to download the analyzer immediately to test it with my own project :wink: Do you use it actively?


No. Only before a release. Because we don’t use github i need to do all manually.

Also we have been testing each commit with cppcheck.

Tried clang static analyzer and PVS-Studio.


Ah! Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely try that!

//Edit: Sadly, it doesn’t work with my code, because there are some language-specific things the scanner isn’t able to recognize and gives an error… Perhaps it has problems with the version I’m using…


Interesting. Can you post an error here?


Yes (btw, shall we open a new topic for that?)…

It’s just an excerpt, but I think you see what’s going on. The parser mainly seems to have problems with type specifications in function parameters and return values:

2016-09-09T14:04:25.526784Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> Internal version numbers: db70178643 p-kent-push-26368.949
2016-09-09T14:04:26.748906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>   File "opb/controller/components/", line 56
2016-09-09T14:04:26.748906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>     def start_deploy(self, destination: list, options: dict):
2016-09-09T14:04:26.748906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>                                       ^
2016-09-09T14:04:26.748906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
2016-09-09T14:04:26.748906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> Failed to parse opb/controller/components/
2016-09-09T14:04:26.752906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Source to JSON failed.
2016-09-09T14:04:26.752906Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Failed to process source file opb/controller/components/
2016-09-09T14:04:27.772008Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>   File "opb/controller/", line 190
2016-09-09T14:04:27.772008Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>     self.settingsCtr.ui.exec()
2016-09-09T14:04:27.772008Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>                            ^
2016-09-09T14:04:27.772008Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
2016-09-09T14:04:27.772008Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> Failed to parse opb/controller/
2016-09-09T14:04:27.776009Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Source to JSON failed.
2016-09-09T14:04:27.776009Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Failed to process source file opb/controller/
2016-09-09T14:04:28.846116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>   File "opb/core/", line 46
2016-09-09T14:04:28.846116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>     def changelog_footer() ->str:
2016-09-09T14:04:28.846116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>                            ^
2016-09-09T14:04:28.846116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
2016-09-09T14:04:28.846116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> Failed to parse opb/core/
2016-09-09T14:04:28.850116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Source to JSON failed.
2016-09-09T14:04:28.850116Z|cov-translate|10848|output|> [ERROR] Failed to process source file opb/core/
2016-09-09T14:04:28.897121Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>   File "opb/core/", line 107
2016-09-09T14:04:28.897121Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>     def __init__(self, parent: object, out: object=None, color: object=None):
2016-09-09T14:04:28.897121Z|cov-translate|10848|output|>                              ^


It seems like Coverity scan support only python versions 2.7.x.


Yes, sadly, seems so…


Firstly, brilliant project.

Is this Open Funding page ( genuine? I cannot find any link from the Valentina web site or forum that links to this.

It is presumably another way for non-coders to contribute?


Looks like yes. But abandoned long time ago. This feature was removed from code because has not a maintainer.


I am talking about “Pattern Inline Editor”.


But better to ask @slpencer.


@MrDoo, That fundraiser is really old. I will contact them again.


I newly discovered Valentina and I am teaching myself how to use it. @slpencer suggested that I write a tutorial… I replied that I will as soon as I figure anything out. I figured out enough to create a pattern piece and get past draw into detail and layout mode, so I plan to make a tutorial soon on how to create a sleeve. I have put the material I have so far into another thread because I saw that @Choupinette was also doing a sleeve and seemed to have unanswered questions. Since I speak to French I am using google translate to attempt to communicate. I have contacted Don McCunn (whose book and drafting method I use) to ask for permission to reprint pages 71 - 75 from his book on your site an the basis that the method for drafting a sleeve is a simple and self contained example. If he agrees I will use that in the tutorial. If Mr. McCunn does not consent, I will develop the tutorial without violating his copyright. I am really excited to find valentina. I have used Leena’s Patternmaker software for years but been frustrated by the lack of a free drafting program. When I discovered Leena, she was still living and working and maintained her site. (patternmaker v 6, with lots of free macros for patterns) Since her passing, an American company seems to have taken over maintaining a site and updated the version to 7, then 7.5. I purchased the package for the men’s jackets and I have used their free macro for a women’s bodice sloper as a basis for hand drafting several theater costumes over the years. Valentina has so much more potential and I hope to use it and contribute what I can.

I am making note of some minor “bugs” as I go along, but I am aware that I am using version 4.999 which is not a release version. I do not want to overwhelm a busy developer with notes about things that may not be relevant. Please feel free to contact me if there are specific development builds that you want tested. I have a dual boot operating system and run KUbuntu (Ubuntu with the Plasma GUI) and Windows 10. I dislike windows, so if you have others who can test that I would prefer not to.


If you see something as a bug you should say. Yes, keep testing KUbuntu.


Hello, We are know making bespoke vegetally dyed linen clothes in a small studio for few months and Valentina actually helped us to start earlier than we planned. We use it daily and we’re taking some notes about suggestions, things we think could help improve the program. We would like to know if there’s a specific thread on the forum or a place in GitHub to put this commentaries. We’re not really confident with the OpenSource process but we’re motivated to participate. Thanks !


This forum is a good start. You can just create new thread and post your ideas there. After discussions some of ideas will go into the Issue Tracker and our Roadmap.


Ok thanks pretty easy actually !