Confused, point of intersection angle and arc



i am confused with this tool when i tried using zero degrees and 180degrees point of intersection in the arc. its acting like the opposite…

please help


Please, post your file.


Hi Roman, Here is the file

point intersection arc and axis.val (945 Bytes)


Here is what i see.

Both points in the same position. And here is no error. That’s correct behaviour.

I think you are trying to use the tool in not appropriate way. If you need point on the start and the end of arc all you need is to know a radius and start and finish angles. Use this knowledge and find points with tool Point at distance and angle.


thanks roman,

my installed version 0.5.0 shows like this.

So, the points A1&A2 may also behave in the opposite.

Ok, I just have to use the point at a distance and angle tool in this case.

Thanks for your advise.


Do you know that Monday is day of releasing new test build? Also that you are using a test build.


Thanks for the information. OK, i understand.


hi @kmf, i’ve just read about your concern which could be similar to this about two solutions for axis intersection with arc. i just avoided this tool and use point at a distance(radius) and angle as suggested here. Or, if you can limit the arc less than 180deg to avoid two points intersecting the axis line.