Config Dialog window


Hi, I am new here and I am trying to configure the software, but the Config Dialog window appears to big so that I do not see the buttons “Apply”, “Cancel” , “OK” at the bottom , How can I fix this probelm please?


This is a first for me… but you can try holding your Ctrl key and scroll the wheel backwards & forwards and see if this won’t resize it.

Otherwise, if you can see the top bar, try dragging it to the left until you can see the following boxes and click the middle one:


Another way would be, if you can see one of the edges, hold your cursor over it & see if it turns into a double sided arrow, then you can drag the edge smaller. If you can see the top edge and drag it down, you’ll be able to drag the box as mentioned above until you can see the Apply/Cancel/Ok


Have you tried dragging the dialog box up? If it’s already at the top of the screen I would try increasing your screen resolution.


Hi, I thanks for the help:

  • Ctrl key did not work
  • draging the window was only possible to the left, right and down but not up so it did not work.

The solution for me was to change the Screen Resolution from 150% to 100%, now I can see the complete Config Dialog window, but the letters are very small, maybe I will have to live with that, we will see…

For now I solved the problem and thank you all for the help.


Hi I got a good solution in setting the Screen Resolution to 145%.


Another solution (in WIndows) is to press <ALT-SPACE>, then <M>, then use the arrow keys to move it around. Press <ENTER> when you are done moving it.


Nice… allows you to move another window past the limits of the parent window or basically past where the mouse can move…


Keyboard shortcuts for the win!