Casual Shirt Block


I uploaded a pattern and measurement file for the Casual Shirt Block from Winifred Aldrich’s “Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear”, p34. You need the Test build v0.5.x to open this pattern because it uses the latest tools.

You can look at each point and read the point’s formula in order to learn how to make something similar.

Download this .zip file, unzip it, then copy the pattern file and measurement file to where you keep your Valentina pattern & measurement files.

When you open the pattern file the first time you will be prompted to find the measurement file. When you save the file the new directory information will be saved.

The measurement file is based on the typical sample size for menswear in UK, at least that is what is stated in the book:

chest 100cm neck 40cm height between 170cm and 178cm

If you have Linux there are terminal commands ‘zip’ and ‘unzip’ available. For Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install zip sudo apt-get install unzip

For Suse/Redhat:

yum install zip yum install unzip

Let me know if there are any problems.

  • Susan


You forgot to mention one very important thing. This pattern can open only test version.


Hey @slpencer, i saw your post on Facebook about the pattern, but i see a problem.

The post has link to the main web site. But i can’t find link to the pattern. Maybe we should repost information about the pattern and provide direct link to the pattern? Because i see now not many people downloaded the pattern.


The image on the previous post provided the link to download the Casual Shirt Block. pattern. This post’s image links to the website to download the test build. Hope this change is an improvement, but this image still links to the website. The image on the previous post links to the pattern. The two posts were created to go together.


I’m still new to pattern making but can the men’s shirt block be used for women? If not, is there a woman’s shirt block that can be down loaded?


The Casual Shirt Block is an implementation of Aldrich’s instructions in this book:

This shirt was posted as an example and to help others to build additional shirts from this book using this block.

@Stinde has posted a full shirt pattern.

Are you already a patternmaker, or are you learning?


I’m still learning patterns. Using online instructions, etc for making. I’ve used Adobe for making corset patterns and have been successful with that.

I was hoping someone had made a building block for women that I could use without me having to draw a pattern from scratch.

I use a CAD for creating non-clothing. I came across Valentina and absolutely love it! I’ve used it for making cowl neck shirts for my clients.




Hi @Osphoto,

If you build a women’s block, would you post it here?


I have a complete Basic Block for Woman based on Mueller & Son system. Currently it is in Finnish, but I can translate it. It is made for latest development version. I have tested it with muslin and the actual garment is on its way (after the Gents Jacket). Do you want me to upload it?


@Stinde - Would you need to translate the pattern? Perhaps not. Let’s test the translation system with this pattern! If you have instructions a translation would be nice, but not necessary. I build Valentina a few times a week with the latest feature branch.


Here is the Female basic block in English. It easier this way. Basic block women-2016.val (62.6 KB)


Getting error:

File error: Exception: Invalid version, Maximum supported version is 0.3.2 when trying to open file.


Error. Invalid version. Maximum supported version is x.x.x.


I’m currently using, I even went back to the current stable version. Both give me similar errors.



My Casual Shirt Block opens with v0.5.0.0a @Stinde’s Women’s Dress Block opens with v0.5.0.1547a, built with yesterday’s code using Qt 5.7 on Ubuntu 14.04, 64-bit.


Why do you think we do not continue improving the file format? :wink:

Currently the last version is 0.3.5. So your version is quite outdated. Oh, yes, how could i forget. :unamused: You probably are using the last test build that i published sometime ago. Try to build code manually.


@dismine, Is the latest downloadable test version v. ? The latest downloadable stable version v0.4.4? The current pattern file format version 0.3.5?


Running windows, don’t have compiler. I’ve been waiting for someone to create a new .exe




Why do you ask?


Believe me this is very easy. I can teach you. Don’t be afraid.:slight_smile: Do you want?