Cape Sleeve Pattern



The Cape Sleeve, I did in the same manner as the Bell Sleeve, just with more slashes and more degrees between the sections. In my option, it wasn’t very successful but that is, perhaps, because I have no use for it at this point. I just wanted to see how it works.

Oh, I also made a mistake in it. There is a solid section from ShoulderTip to Elbow. I made a slash there.

Bell Sleeve.pdf (725.1 KB)

Learning pattern - Cape Sleeve.val (71.8 KB) Women 12 measurements.vit (1.1 KB)


I played with the cape sleeve and I decided to do something other that what was described in McCunn’s book. I drafted a whole new sleeve by basically starting with the arm curve (spline) from the base sleeve and drawing a whole new sleeve by treating it as flipped 180 degrees and concave instead of convex. I know that was not his intent but I think it will work. Basically I keep the algorithm for drawing a curve from measurements so that the sleeve should be able to be sewn into the bodice. I will have to sew up a test to decide whether it works. I think this is off track for me since my intent was to go thru his book and draft all of the examples - I just got interested in the problem of drawing a cape sleeve. If it would be in any way useful, I will be happy to share what I did.