Can't open on my Mac

Hello, I have downloaded the Zip File and I am trying to download the software to my Mac but it keeps giving me a notification that I can’t open the file due to Apple not being able to confirm if it contains Malware. Is there a trick to get around this? Can anyone help me?

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It’s quite straightforward. Open the Seamly2D app in the finder (using right-click) and choose Open. You will see a dialogue saying MacOS cannot open Seamly2D because it’s not trusted and giving options to cancel or delete. Choose Cancel.

Now do the same thing again - this time you will be offered “Open Anyway” “Cancel” or “Delete”, choose Open Anyway and Seamly2D will start.

From then on you can open Seamly2D from the launchpad or by double clicking on patterns and everything will work as normal. You need to follow the same process with SeamlyME and repeat it when you update the software.