Can't find object by id II


Continuing the discussion from Can't find object by id: Hi everyone, since several weeks i have also this problem. In my opinion it occurs if i work for longtime in big (more than 100points) files and with several pattern pieces. I use ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and Seamly2D If I shotdown and restart the computer it disapears sometimes. Is there a solution or do need to refresh ubuntu or seamly2d?



The best solution I have found so far is to periodically save your work, close the program, and start over from that point.

I do not believe that a new version of Ubuntu would help. As a matter of fact, I know of no one who has tested Seamly2D in 18.10 or 19.04 versions of Ubuntu yet. You are using the latest stable version of Seamly2D.

The “object by ID” probably represents a software bug and it will be fixed but likely only after it can be reproduced consistently.

If you can help with the quest to find a way to reproduce this error consistently that will be really helpful in getting it fixed. If you save your pattern file then save it to another name (like pattern-v1.val and pattern-v2.val and pattern-v3.val … etc) the chances are greater that you will have a version that requires only a few steps before the program fails. When that happens, it will be easy for someone to help you never encounter the problem again.


Thank you kmf for your quick answer. I already tried saving the files under new names. Didn’t work that well. If I can reproduce the problem constantly, I’ll tell you. Could it be a problem that I created the file in an older version of seamly2d? Is there a connection of this issue and the problem, that in formulas I sometimes can’t refere to /find splines or points from other patternpieces?


it “should not” be a problem because you created the file in an older version of Seamly2D. I can’t guarantee that it “is not” a problem. If you upload your .val and .vit file I will be happy to take a look and run it through as many different versions and variations as possible to see if there is anything that the parser might catch


@schneiderkind, I went back and looked at the original thread and see that there was a software fix for the original bug. I can take a look at how it was fixed. It is quite possible that you have uncovered a different bug with similar symptoms. Since the original was fixed in 2017, it is definitely incorporated in the that you mention you are using. That does not mean you are seeing things. It only means that what you are seeing is not something we can duplicate yet. If you can duplicate it, it can get fixed.


@kmf , here are the val.- and the vil.-file. I’d would be so nice, if it could get fixed…'cause it is really annoying if you are constructing complex patterns… what I do almost everyday :heart_eyes: ! Thanks so far! I hope the construction is not tooo messy!

TestHAKAWeste.vit (624 Bytes)

HakaWesteKursIII.val (62.6 KB)


I will see what I can do with this. thanks


it does not seem to be an issue of being created with an old version of Seamly2D. (for what it is worth, the code has created an updated copy of every pattern it opens since I first saw it). I was able to open your pattern on KUbuntu18.04 and windows under WINE on that machine. I can also try it on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 if you are interested. @Grace could probably see if it opens OK under her native windows operating system. @slspencer could probably test it on a mac.

If you encounter any more problems, please write down everything you can remember and let me know. We would like to track this down


It opens fine for me as well on Windows 10. I had a look around and couldn’t see anything in the file that would cause it to crash but didn’t see anything. I’m wondering what the size is of the RAM memory of the computer and what other programs run at the same time. It could be that there isn’t enough to hold the program, the file, all the edits and possible undo’s and all the anti-virus programs and other things, so it starts bumping things off.

I don’t know… It’s a shot in the dark but worth looking into. :slight_smile:


@Grace thank you for testing…this idea also came to my mind. I have to check this.


Just wanted to give a short feedback to the thread. @Grace, your hint was right, there was not enough space left in the RAM memory. After I cleaned up my system Seamly2D is running again without any problems. Thank you guys for helping and testing!


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: and I’m really glad that the culprit has been found :slight_smile: