Can't edit paths or create notches in macOS Big Sur 11.6

I can move but I can’t include/exclude nodes in Workpiece Tool on the mac.

It works on my laptop that still runs on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, but Big Sur turns Seamly2d into a Big Dud!


So are you saying that the items in the context menu of the posted image are NOT selectable?

Also if this is the case what do other context menu do… such as right clicking on a point in draft mode?

Trying to figure out if this is a global issue, or just related to the paths tab list widget.

BTW… what build ver of Seamly2D did you try in Big Sur? Apparently some BigSur issues were resolved with Qt 5.15.2 which we recently switched Seamly2D to.


Yes. They are not selectable.

That works fine. I did not encounter any problems until I reached the “Add Details” stage.

I am using : Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 10.07.28

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But: This is the version I used on Catalina: The version on Catalina

Wheras on the Mac with Big Sur, I used: Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 11.15.16


Ok… got an idea what you’re using… I’ll try and take a look and see if I find anything that might be causing just that context menu to hang.

BTW… I’m not a Mac user so excuse my ignorance, but I noticed the odd placement of the trash icon - is this normal for a Mac? In Windows or Linux the menus look like this - where the (trash) icons / checkmarks are all in a col on the left.


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I checked in both app-versions. In both the trash is placed to the right of the column.

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Ok. Thanks. Guess it must be normal then and not a concern for running under Big Sur.


@ MissMuriel

Hi Muriel

I took a look at the code in the section for the Workpiece dialog, and I don’t see anything that should be out of the ordinary. I have read a report of the same issue elsewhere, so it may be Qt / MacOs issue. There is maybe one thing I can see that might be causing the issue, but if that’s the case I would expect the same behavior with a couple other context menus.

If maybe you could check these menus as well I could rule in / out my suspicion… either the Group Manager or Pattern Piece dock areas:


If these work, then I’m at a loss at this time for the cause of the issue.

That being said… I may have misunderstood, but have you tried to open the Path context menu, then using the up down keyboard arrows to highlight an item, followed by to select / toggle the item?


Wow Douglas,

Thank you for your time with this!!

And I’m happy to report we have a breakthrough, so let’s dive in:

These work fine. No problems here.

Now for the issue:

Like I described before, in the Path context menu, I can select a node by clicking on it with the mouse, and when I Right-click, the little menu for that node appears. I can move the selected node up and down the path with either the mouse or the arrows in the path-menu window, but I can’t use the mouse to select/unselect the menu-items.

But when the little menu is open, I can use the keyboard arrows to select one of the three options, and by clicking ENTER, I can invert the selection.

In the previous version I could do all that with the mouse, but for now I’m happy it works in some way, because it’s much easier to use the software on the iMac than on the laptop.

Thank you for showing me the light!



Hmmm. Like I said, now I’m baffled. These context menus are constructed in the same manner as the Workpiece paths context menu using the same method of grabbing the current mouse position. Other menus use a couple different methods to find & map the mouse position… which I thought might be the source of the issue. In an odd sense I was hoping that was the case.

Well, I’m glad we figured out something and have a work around. :slight_smile:


For what it is worth I can say I see the exact same behaviour on Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). I can use the mouse to open the context menu and do the selection on the group manager, but when operating on the ‘main path’ tab of the detail editor I can use the mouse to open the context menu but must use the keyboard to actually select something in the menu. If I try to click on something in the context menu, the context menu stays open and the computer ‘dings’ the little bell thing like you clicked on an option that was disabled.


Same issue here.

Both with

  • Seamly2d (12.10.2020) build revision Git:ec5a06f; Qt Version 5.13.2. Clang 11.0 (Apple)
  • Seamly2d (2.6.2018) build revision Git:12b271be4; Qt Version 5.11.0 Clang 8.1 (Apple)

this menu works perfectly fine.


Seaml2d (7.2.2022) build revision Git:017bf92; Qt Version 5.15.2 Clang 13.0 (Apple)

it does not work anymore. I don’t have any releases between the enlisted 2020 and 2022 one, so it broke inbetween those two releases.

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I believe the Mac issues might have arose with the recent switching to use Qt ver 5.15.2 and MSVC instead of the previous ver of 5.12.xx and GCC or whatever it was at the time. :frowning:

I’m sorry I’m at a disadvantage as I don’t own a Mac to be able to test build with. I may just create another fork, and create another workflow to use an older ver of Qt for a Mac build - which will create a bunch of deprecation warnings - but it could validate if the Qt ver is indeed the problem. Of course one of you Mac users would have to check it out. Let me see what I can do…

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@Douglas Happy to test a build once it is ready. :slight_smile:

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