Cannot edit points on pattern piece

Hi, I was using an older version of seamly on a mac with an old OS, and I was able to do some really cool stuff with seamly. recently i installed the latest Seamly (mid Aug 2022) on Mac Os Monterey.

I am able to draw a pattern and extract a piece. if I want to change the settings for “notch, exclude, delete” a point or internal path, (image attached) it doesn’t work.

Currently my only solution is to delete the whole piece and extract it again.

thanking you in advance for your help

Hi Karu…

I’m not a Mac user, but I believe something’s happened with Seamly with newer Mac O’s. Seems related to not being able to select items with the Mouse. Not sure if its a Seamly (code) problem, or something Qt /Mac OS related.

Try this as a work around… use the up / dn arrow keys and the Enter key to select your menu item.


This sounds like the same, (or at least similar to,) problem I’m having in Linux: Piece tracing trouble

@Karu Am I correct in thinking that this is just if you want to change something when you first get the workpiece tool dialog? Does it get by if you use the dialog in the piece mode? If it is the issue which @Douglas mentioned, some people have found that using the arrow (& Return) keys to navigate the menu works.

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@Pneumarian it isin piece mode at a later point when i am trying to modify or delete points.

@Douglas thanks, i’ll try that :slight_smile: