Can someone create a Homebrew formula?



Many days ago someone tried to create a Homebrew formula for Valentina, but not much happened since then. Here is all i have now:

require ‘formula’

class Valentina < Formula url ‘’ homepage ‘’ version ‘0.2.8’

depends_on ‘qt5’ => :build
depends_on ‘qmake’ => :build depends_on ‘ccache’ => :build depends_on ‘xpdf’ => :optional

def install args = ["-r", “PREFIX=#{prefix}”]

ENV.cxx11 # I am not sure we need this option because qmake set this by 

yourself. system “qmake”, “./”, *args system “make” system “make install” end end

We need two versions: for stable and unstable versions.


Valentina.rb (537 Bytes)