Can different pattern pieces interact with each other?


This is a total newbie question. In the draft I’m duplicating, the different pattern pieces all relate with one another. That is to say, the back, side, front and skirt all rely on points measurements drafted. What I’m wondering is, since all of these points being plotted out rely on each other, when I start creating a second and third pattern piece, how do I get it to rely on those points I’ve already plotted??

It’s obviously a different mode of working than using pencil and paper. :slight_smile: So I need to learn if this is possible and if so, how do I do it? This would be needed, because in the traditional draft, parts overlap each other, and it’s depended upon the cutter to make seperate pieces by tracing them onto new sheets. If the software can treat those pieces separately, it would do that for me when creating a layout.

Here’s the draft I’m working from for reference. See how the back tail overlaps the skirt from line C to 39?

Here’s what it looks like in Valentina. I just made a new pattern piece (B), and the first point is plotted automatically far off to the right, but it needs to start where the sidebody panel is (near point A11). I can keep on making “A” points, but that would just continue making the first piece even though it should be a second.


The front and back can be drawn in the same pattern piece for pattern systems like the one you’re using, as the calculations are all in the same scheme. Example: A22 is either derived directly from A1 or from a series of calculations beginning at A1. The collar and sleeves will be new pattern pieces.

When the points, lines, curves, etc. are completed, then each individual detail piece is created using the Seam Allowance tool. You can create multiple details from a single pattern piece.


I agree with @slpencer, they should be in the same pattern piece.


I’m always having related pattern piece in the same pattern. Normally I set an increment value for the distance separating the pieces. I can adjust this value if I want see the the pieces overlapping. Totally separate like sleeve I create new pattern piece.


Thank you @Stinde for your comments.:slight_smile:

Yes, this is only right way to use pattern piece.