Bra pattern?

What is your native language? I plan to work on a tutorial for a skirt, I wanted to do that in English and German. I am about halfway through the English one, I only wanted to finish my shirt first.

If it is of any help for you, I could bring forward the German skirt.

Btw, English is not my native language, too :slight_smile: You write very well.

You could also ask questions here in the forum if it is the function in Seamly2D/Valentina that makes you struggle; I can not construct a bra but there are a lot of functions that are used in like every construction of a pattern :slight_smile:

GERMAN!!! ohhhh yes please…

i only drafted bra pattern on paper…im a bra maker… i can handle that easily…drafting digitally is new to me and therefore i lack basic knowledge and on top of that i sometimes do not understand correctly the some tool function…only explained in english doesn’t help me much…so i hope to be able to copy some knowledge from a ready existing pattern…

so your work in german could help most probably already to find my way around… Thanks Moniaqua

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Na dann… dann werd ich mich doch mal bequemen müssen, die Oberfläche auf Deutsch umzustellen, oder nutzt Du die Englische?

Ok, I guess I’ll have to work with the German GUI than unless you are using the English one.

Hmm, I just notice - that manual, -

is it available in a different language than English? If not, is it possible to get the text in a form that it can be edited?


Hi, What method did you use to draft your bra pattern on paper? Kristina Shin, Beverly johnson, müller und sohn, Ann Haggar, esmod, something else or your own? There are so many different ways, it helps to know what you are familiar with.

Hi @moniaqua I think @ichigolab is working on an Italian translation. The word docs are very large to keep uploading them. I’ll put them into dropbox and post a link later.

:blush: I did a tutorial on how to draft an underwire bra :blush:

Here are the files, if they will help you. I haven’t printed or tested the pattern in any way.

Basic Underwire Bra.val (31.2 KB)

Bra.vit (1.4 KB)

I used the instruction on this site:


I hope this helps :sunglasses:


@Grace provided me the manual; I’ll do a translate asap and will then keep on working on my tutorial for the skirt. I think that’s at the moment probably the most helpful for you.

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@Grace wrote the Valentina ebook and probably has it in a format other than pdf

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Thank you @kmf, yes, she gave me the editable file and I am working hard on translating :sweat_smile:


Грейс не могли бы Вы к шаблонам бюстгальтера добавить файл мерок для бра

Hi @Natalibax I did add both files above: image

Google Translate PDF… you should be able to find a way/site to translate this pdf to German.

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Thank you, Douglas, I know google translate and so on :slight_smile: It is not for me; I can deal with the English text, too. It is just to broaden the base of people who can use the program and because it was asked for and I do not trust those translators like babelfish or so too much (although my husband says dl would be really good…). Besides, I am learning a lot about Seamly2D on translating the manual :wink:


There are also sites that will translate the document and keep the format and everything, but the document is a bit large for the ‘Free’ version :frowning:

They work pretty well, but the document will still need to be very carefully read through because some of the words don’t translate very well.

I’m very grateful that @moniaqua is taking the time to translate it for us :slight_smile:

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i used kristina shin


ohhh lovely…ll check this out…that my be exactly what im looking for…kisses!!!

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wow…das ist aber sehr sehr lieb von dir …danke

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ich arbeite mir der deutschen Oberfläche…

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now the next question arises…how to convert your bra pattern into 5. 0 version? i can’t open the ones you posted…:cold_sweat:

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Seamly2D so far seems pretty stable to me, look here:

Das hatte ich befürchtet und in weiser Voraussicht auf diese umgestellt; die Bilder im Manual lasse ich allerdings (die neu einbinden ist eine Schw…arbeit, das mach ich später), dafür schreib ich die englischen Begriffe daneben, dann lernst gleich Englisch :wink: