Beta site for sharing patterns - we need patterns!



great. would love it. would also be an asset to anybody we recruit to create a template for a different system. and I still think if Jase can create a quick & dirty UI it would make it easier for most people to create well formed XML statements


Check out BaseX:


Check out BaseX: /2017/01/24/basex-8.6--the-winter-edition/

YAY. at first glance that looks like something I don’t need to reinvent


There’s some really cool stuff that I’d like to do with this project. And now we can!


This is true, we will create the spec.


@MrDoo- Enjoy your vacation, don’t worry about this forum or the pattern share. Take your time after you return (and recover) from vacation.


Just had a thought. My system basically uses the same ‘point + path’ system as V, so what about adding a <point list> section with custom body points & paths to the .vit, like

<point id="1" drawing="Front01" mx="10.132292" my="42.264583" name="Collar Bone Center" type="single" x="0.79375" y="1.05833"/>

The <body-measurements> section would change some, to reflect the change from measurements being to scalars to descriptors. (‘alias’ and ‘description’ would have to be translated in one piece, but the pathname is made of individual terms that are localized, which would drastically decrease the load of translators. (Speaking of which, I have become involved to a limited extent with a community services organization which, among other things, helps immigrants get their feet under them. The reason I mention this is that thirty or so languages are represented in that single office. If we can sort out the localization/internationalization system and put together a proposal, I have no problem taking it to the executive director to discuss them helping us.)

<alias="Front Shoulder to Waist" description="Centre of the front shoulder over the bust point to waist." value="21.5" pathname="shouldermid-bustpoint>{waistcirc}" pathdef="02200143503"/>

($mainmeasurements.vit would contain all of the preset points & lines.)


I believe that it is time to stop discussing unrelated issues in this thread. Somebody, anybody who has something to say that is not consistent with the original title of this thread please start a new topic.

The original topic was:

Beta site for sharing patterns - we need patterns!


Her @KeithFromCanada, make a new thread for this new thought:


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