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The’ (+) customise’ link allows you to associate the pattern with an individual (either yourself, or another set of measurements that you’ve loaded). Once this is done then that customisation will allow the export of a measurements file and pattern file. The particular pattern in question uses only custom measurements (rather than standard ones) so this may not work smoothly yet!



So how do I download a pattern and measuring tape file to try out one of these public patterns?


Hi @crissandraauree

Step 1. Go to the ‘Sharing’ tab and see the list of patterns available to you by virtue of the groups you are a member of.

Step 2. ‘Pin’ the pattern that you want to use. This will add it to your pinned list.

Step 3. There should now be a (+) icon in the Customise column. This allows you to associate this pattern with one or more individuals and will prompt you for the required measurements. If you already have the measurements entered for that person then you can simply accept all previous measurements.

Step 4. The person will now be listed in the Customise column. Click on the person to bring up a menu. Pick ‘Export’. This, after a couple of seconds should offer you two download links.

Note that this all works a bit more smoothly for standard measurements than it does for custom ones.

Let me know what issues you run across. I know that the UI needs more streamlining so all feedback and ideas are welcome.


I did the various steps to download your model but I do not understand where to take measurements … laura


It would be wonderful if the Valentina Forum log-in worked on the pattern sharing site for Valentina.

Because I have far too many website accounts already


Making me create another account wouldn’t be quite as annoying if it had the same username and password format as the site.

I try to keep the same user name and password for related sites.


Good point. I’ll look into aligning these. Presumably the issues are with allowed characters and password strength?


Have a friend create an account here as you watch and then go to the pattern repository and create one.

It’s all of the above … user names versus email addy, all alpha versus alpha+num, lengths differ.



I received what I think was a private message from you just now.

how can i download patterns from

I am answering here to call your attention to this existing thread that may contain information useful to you. @MrDoo is probably the best person to ask most questions about pattern cloud, as I am simply a member of the community who has used and he is the developer.

That said, I will tell you what I can:

first you must click the option to “register” (even though the language says register as a designer and you may not consider yourself a designer at this time, you still must register to use the site. It is free of cost)

Once you have registered, enter your information and login

click the “share” tab and you should see

“your groups” and the group “valentina forum members” should show up there. If this is not true, you must ask @MrDoo because it is beyond my knowledge.

Follow these instructions and then click under “My groups” on the “7 patterns” (whatever the number is for you) under the column shared in the row “Valentina Forum Members” You should get a pop up window with patttern share permissions that looks something like this:

(Jason, if there is an easier way, please jump in and explain it.)

So from the pop up window, you must “pin” the patterns that are of interest to you.

Once pinned, the patterns will show up on your page and you must “customize” before you can download. I believe you will need to have a measurement file before you can do this and @MrDoo may be able to explain the process. I am treading on the threashhold of my understanding here.

On the other hand, if you have interest in the two files I have put on pattern cloud as part of the tutorial I am building, you can download them here McCunn_basic_sleeve_details.val (11.4 KB) McCunn_sample.vit.vit (3.3 KB)


Thank you Jason, great work! Uploaded some patterns and tried to share two for test. I am not sure if someone can do something with them because of the measurement file. I had to upload my same measurement file once for every pattern, is this wanted? Because it is always the same measurement file.

Regards, Buggi


Hi @Buggy, ideally every user of the pattern share will have uploaded their ONE measurement file. In order to do this, so that any pattern can open with any measurement file, then every measurement file will need to contain all Valentina measurement fields.


As there are currently 247(?) measurements, and each system only uses a portion of them, how hard would it be to change TAPE so that, when the user clicked on ‘Add known’, there was a drop-down list at the top of the popup that had the list of known systems so that, when a particular system was chosen, only those measurements would be visible? (Changing the selection to Valentina would, of course, show all of the measurements.)


That was the intention of the pattern system templates. The templates were the filter to show only the measurements for a particular system. Once this was implemented, we were going to allow users to create their own set of favorite measurements, eg their own pattern system. Then after that, we were going to implement a filter which showed only the measurements in the current pattern. But when Roman programmed the pattern systems, he used pattern system templates to create NEW measurment files with that set of measurements. I objected, but he didn’t want to have all measurements in each file. Also, when new measurement files are created, they only have the measurements selected by the user. They should FILTER for those measurements, not contain only those measurements. So we have the very strange implementation we have now, where most people’s measurement files. It was not possible for him to change this, as he didn’t see the need. I think its time to redesign this section of the code.


do you have a volunteer yet to work on the code for tape. you have just reinforced what I already believed about your original intent for TAPE and I was trying to figure out what else I needed to do the the “template material” I completed for the McCunn system because I saw nothing else to do but make the code aware of a template file. I never managed to state this issue in such a way that I got an answer from anybody about what I could do next. If nobody is responsible, it has been my experience always that “nobody will get it done”. We can PM about my schedule if you like. I am willing to step back if anybody else is willing and competent. I am also willing to tackle a redesign of TAPE. I am going to have 2 months with zero internet time and limited computer tools, so if I am to do this, I would like to decide within the next 2 weeks.


Have I told you lately how much I love you? :grin: Would you be willing to take a look at implementing the ‘measurement foundations’ system I came up with? I don’t think that it needs to be anything fancy at this point; just the bare bones, so to speak, using the body points. I’d be more than happy to work with you on it, though my coding days are far behind me.


KIM!!! Super fantastic! I’m out of town thurs-monday this next week. You want to meet and discuss in Gville this Tuesday or the following week?


@Buggi, sorry for my delay in answering (am on holiday with limited internet). The pattern cloud is supposed to be able to recognise that you’ve uploaded a set of measurements with that at file name before and offer you an [use existing measurements] button. I’ll check why this hasn’t been working.

@kmf, Regarding pm systems, I could very easily create a UI in the pattern cloud to allow the measurements for each system to be collated and then that information exported in whatever form required for Tape, e.g. It could export it as a snippet of C++ - if that would be useful. I’m presuming that no one person will have the list of measurements for all systems? And otherwise there is going to be a fair amount of time expending on this collation and formatting task.



i’ll trade credentials with you by PM. either I don’t want to brag, or I don’t want to embarrass myself. my first order of business is to figure out how to build TAPE, as is, from source. then to figure out how to build the various “flavors”. IOS, Windows, 4 flavors of Linux. I keep a multi-boot environment on my desktop at home. I currently boot Ubuntu (with plasma desktop and KDE called KUbuntu) probably rightly called a lazy person’s Ubuntu. I can boot windows 10. I would have to expend a bunch of effort to be able to add different bootable configurations, but can do that if I have to. However I will be on a ship from mid October to mid December and have lots of interesting things to fill my attention. Also I will have only a wimpy 32 bit laptop and an android tablet, so I will not be experimenting with builds, nor likely able to access the forum during that time


@MrDoo, when you get a chance, please look at this page McCunn - Seamly2D

I put a page on the WIKI that has all of the measurements I could find by scouring 2 print versions of McCunn’s books plus one Ebook that @Grace has. The spreadsheet format was simply a convenient method of getting the information entered. I would love access to a tool either in the cloud or offline that I could easily use to reformat this into a template which I assume should be in XML.

I also believe that no specification yet exists for what a template should look like and I will be looking at what @KeithFromCanada had to say, at several past conversations I had with @slspencer and whatever else I find that makes sense so that I can write a specification for the template. I had intended to get cozy with my favorite xml editor (once I actually use one enough to develop a favorite) and make some macros to pull the info out of the spreadsheet then put it into an xml file. Having a UI that would make it easy for many people to enter information with some format validation and error checking would make this easier.

If I am the one to modify TAPE, I will use XML as an input to TAPE for the template. I have not looked at this enough to be convinced yet whether the XML template specification should be open to allow any patternmaker who is not familiar with coding to create one. Your tool (If I am imagining what I think you mean correctly) would be the ideal intermediate step to keep the information “clean” enough not to crash the program.

Also, if you have your code anywhere in a public repository, I am willing to read it so I will be less inclined to ask stupid questions.


I can create this template for you.