Bei mir ist folgendes Problem aufgetaucht: Eine abgeschlossene Arbeit lässt sich mit folgendem Vermerk nicht mehr öffnen:

2019-05-14-Hose Müller.val (91.5 KB) Größentabelle der deutschen Damen-Konfektionsgrößen.vst (2.9 KB)

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Kann mir jemand weiter helfen?

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Hi @Scholli

I have fixed your file. I had to add an item to your .vst file, so I just added a value. Here are your 2 files back:

2019-05-14-Hose Müller1.val (91.5 KB)

Größentabelle der deutschen Damen-Konfektionsgrößen1.vst (3.0 KB)


Dear Grace, Thanks a lot for this. Can you explain to me what happened there?

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Hi, @Scholli.

You’re very welcome :blush:

t’s a hard one to explain. I found that the instruction for the seam allowance name had changed to **seam allowance1,5 **. The error that you received only mentioned the ,5 but I removed the whole 1,5 and it worked fine after that.


I can’t explain why it happened. It seems that we are getting quite a few strange things happening. I’m only grateful that I am able to fix them. I’d open a bug report if I could understand why it’s doing this type of thing, but as it is, I can’t say if it’s the program, an OS, or something else. So until I can find a bit of logic as to why it’s doing this, I’ll just keep fixing them.

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