Asymmetrical yoke


I want to create a blouse with an asymmetrical yoke. I have half the front in my size, but I need to firstly copy it to a mirror image and join the two halves. Then I need to be able to manipulate the points in the halves individually. When I flip a pattern piece, the points in the flipped portion will change the same way as the original part, which is a good feature in some cases, but not now. I also need to manipulate the flipped points. I do not see that this is possible right now. Of course I can draw a new pattern piece, but I would like to avoid that effort. Anybody knows a solution?


I would create the changes in different colour lines over the 1st half and only filp it over once I have the idea pretty much down. It will help if you group the 1st half before starting on the 2nd half on top.


I do not know if that will work. I have to close and move darts differently on the right and left side of the pattern. Somehow I feel that I need double lines in that case, but I shall give it a try.