ASTM Measurements For SeamlyMe



Hello and good day/evening! I hope you are all well! I recently acquired a copy of the ASTM body measurements for young women and I decided to take the measurements and translate them into SeamlyMe and I want to share those measurements with you all! They are sizes 00 to 20. I hope they can be of use to you all!


ASTM SeamlyMe (14.3 KB)


Oh, great! thank you :slight_smile:


if you create yourself an account at, you will see that it is easy to share them there


Oh I was unaware of this! Thank you for sharing this with me! I will make an account and share on there!



It’s very interesting to look up different standards and see what measurements are used, but I can’t understand some of the names. Is there some kind of a diagram for ASTM measurements?

UPD. Already found it, sorry ASTM D5219 - 09 - Standard Terminology Relating to Body Dimensions for Apparel Sizing

Both measurements I use from soviet/russian standarts to define armhole width and shoulder slope are not here :scream:

And no bust girth with shoulder blades!!! How do you even calculate the bust dart? I have to lie down :joy:


ASTM measurements are not about creating well-fitting garments. They’re just a bad set of measurements.


I really think it would be all the same if I just use old soviet tables if I ever have to cut for american demographic. I have no idea how to calculate ANYTHING from those.

Now I see exactly what you mean when talking about existing standarts


Do you have a suggestion of a set of measurements that would be superior to ASTM? I’m not finding much. Thanks.


ASTM is a complete set of measurements that will never fit everyone because everyone is different to the few people surveyed to create the Standard Measurements. If you want to create clothing for chain stores, then best you use the one for your country, then everyone will know what to expect as far as fitting goes when they purchase your articles. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. I’ve been looking for suggestions of other standards (USA sizing preferably) but haven’t had any luck so far. I realize RTW manufacturers aren’t going to be sharing their data, but are there certain tables/standards that are used by smaller manufacturers and designers for garments for the USA market?


I’m in South Africa, and I’m only a hobbyist. I do know that the ASTM for USA are available for purchase. And if you google the books on how to make patterns, they all have a standard set in the front of the book of the measurements they teach.

In this chat, you’ll find a link to a very old pdf that I found on the internet - American Standard Size Tables

I’ve put the multisize from the Aldrich book on the pattern cloud, if you’d like to go over there & download it. In fact, I’m sure if you do a search, you may even find it on here. But I believe Winifred Aldrich is UK.

Gradations - You will find a set of my Adrich Women’s Multisize in this chat

I hope this helps