Arcs in clockwise direction?


I am drafting a pattern where I need to be able to set a point onto an arc in the clockwise direction. Is it possible to change my arc’s direction somehow?

Do you need further information from me?

Thanks, Mandana

I found another solution. I’ve created an arc with a specific length and then flipped it vertically. It works so far, but maybe you can tell me about another solution? Thank you.

My experience tell me that you don’t need an arc with clockwise direction.

In this case use formula = arc_length - distance_to_point.


Geez, thank you! That worked fine, because now I also have a point to work with :smiley:

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I know this is an older thread, but I’m stuck. I really need to have an arc in a clockwise direction or it will not let me create a pattern piece for it. I have tried flipping the arc, but it doesn’t change direction just swaps points. I’m not sure how to make the pattern piece with out a clockwise arc. Is there a solution I’m missing? Example of the block is included, the arc is in red. Val screenshot

Try holding shift while you click to select the arc. This is because arcs are created automatically in the anticlockwise direction

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Oh my goodness you are a complete lifesaver!!! This is totally game changing! Will the same thing work when selecting a curve if I accidentally drew it in the wrong direction?

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I am not sure about the curve you drew in the wrong direction but it is worth a try.

It works for curves as well. I think maybe adding something in the tool section of the wiki for the detail tools mentioning this can be done to help you select points clockwise might be helpful. But that might just be me. Thank you again for the help and the quick response :slight_smile:


Yes it works for curves!

I tried to hold the shift while selecting the arc but nothing happened. The arc is still in anti clockwise direction. Am I missing something here?

Do I hold the shift button when creating an arc or just for selecting? I am very new to Seamly2D and just can’t seem to figure this out…

Hi @ReJo, Welcome to Seamly2D.

You hold the shift key when selecting the arc while creating the Work Piece Detail under the Layout section. It won’t change the direction of the arc physically, it will only change the direction on the pattern. Once you have pressed Enter to complete the pattern, there will be a minus ( - ) in front of the curve/arc.


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