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my thoughts exactly. I have even considered doing a build with Qt on android and bulletproofing at least the SeamlyMe app. Still looking for that round tuit. I do not have an Iphone or Ipad, so I will not be signing up for that.

The issue that would keep me from doing such a thing and putting it out there for public use is the slippery slope of… well if it works on (insert tablet configuration here) why does it not work well on my (insert smart phone configuration here). I am sure it would work well on some and not on others, depending an a variety of resource availability variables.

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I have also toyed with the idea of making an app that would work on smart phones or android tablets that would simply create a “.vit” file with the appropriate format. So far, the way I have been working with others in making theater costumes, it has been just as easy to gather and record measurements by hand then put them into .vit file format using my own desktop application.

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there are already several free apps that record measurements, again, in my working environment there has been insufficient payoff to make it worth the effort of doing anything more than using paper and pencil. In a professional (paid) costume shop, that might vary. In community theater, it is not worth the effort to convince anyone to learn to use software to do something that works well with the manual process. With a large cast, it is more helpful to accept the efforts of volunteers and not try to tell each person how to do something

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There’s probably more issue just building for Windows, Mac, Unbuntu, Linux, etc etc.

In fact I’ve been tearing my hair out for a month or so trying to get my version to compile on a new Windows 10 laptop… there’s dll registry issues with Qt 5.12 & windows 10… so I update to the latest Qt 5.14… now there’s deprecated methods…


there are several combinations of specific ubuntu versions with specific Qt versions that will not work well. A big issue is the application simply going out to lunch and crashing with open files under a variety of circumstances, many having to do with closing a window by clicking “x” as opposed to closing the window by selecting a program option to close it. I have not spent the time or effort to track these all down and have no intention of doing so unless a user with a specific configuration asks for help. I have not even tried to test various configurations involving windows (including XP, Vista, version 7 and version 10 with various updates installed or not).

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No way… that only invites a multitude of mistakes in HOW measurements are taken. We deal with that all too often. Worst thing to do is let high school kids measure themselves!

One thing that can be added to a measurement app is error checking… like measurements have to add up.

It’s why I keep saying at my shop I can’t wait till the day 3D body scanning is the norm.


Have not had to deal with high school students measuring themselves. It is often a cast of 30-70 people with a crew of 4-6 experienced seamstresses taking measurements. We have several who will not even consider making their own patterns, but do superb work with commercial patterns. I end up doing the specialty costumes myself to fit people outside the parameters of available patterns or who require more fitting.

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Well… since we’ve been in business nearly 40 years and send out about 5,000 costumes during the Feb-Apr school show season alone, have shipped around the world, provided / built costumes for schools, colleges, community & professional Theatres, Disney World, Operas, TV, Movies, Broadway, mass produced masquerade costumes, produced 100’s of mascots, even shipped 1776 to the Vatican - we’re like Farmers Insurance- “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”. LOL


Wow! @Douglas, I’m really, really impressed :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing about your business. Do you have a website?

Couldn’t a simple website type of form be used for this? Which then saves/exports into a .vit format document, which then can be opened by SeamlyME on a PC? A person could select the measurement areas they use and save their template on their phone.

I’ll think about it a bit more but I do think that anyone sewing for large quantities of people already know where to measure which areas and which codes they prefer to use, so a phone app for SeamlyMe doesn’t need to be really complicated with pictures, etc. and formulas for measurement purposes.

What may be necessary, though, is to be able to import the file into an existing file on a pc that does support formulas for those measurements that are created from other measurements.

I’ll think about it a bit more :slight_smile: and perhaps play around with some html.

@Grace, if you have not already, it may be interesting for you to upload a pattern to and “customize” it with a measurement file. It is particularly interesting if you use a measurement file that contains less than all of the required measurements for the particular pattern. The UI on that site will allow you to enter the required measurements. I am fairly certain that is exactly the same site as was @MrDoo has either copied everything or changed pointers because the name service and security certificate for “” have not been renewed

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Wow! That’s brilliant. Then one can use it to enter the measurements from your iPhone.

It seems that @MrDoo developed both sites and has very kindly kept the running for us (as a backup) and has a link that updates between the two so that they are both current. Which seems to be very fortunate :slight_smile: Thank you, @MrDoo.

This was obviously not the original idea, if I’m reading this chat correctly: Pattern share website user registration.

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The URLs and both point to the same system, so it is not a case of keeping the systems aligned, there is only one system. Originally I created it as, but with the support of @slspencer we also made it accessible using, though this certificate is currently expired.

There are some notable improvements coming soon to this site - it can now preview the pattern itself and show a graph of dependencies between drawing objects (I hope to push these changes through into the live system in the next week or so). Much of this new functionality is ‘experimental’, but may still be useful to people. If you would like access to the test version of the system then please let me know.


Wow, @MrDoo :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to see your new functions when they’re ready :slight_smile: And thank you very much for all your hard work.

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Hi @mrdoo, Did you receive the CSR?

There may be a terminology confusion…

I sent the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) by email on 9th February. Once this has been checked (they’ll confirm you are in control of this domain) by your supplier they will sign it and return it as a certificate (often in many different file types for compatibility with different servers). Once I can get this signed certificate then I install this in the keychain and the https will work again. :slight_smile:


+1 to an ipad app. It would really be great to have one…

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You sent a CSR request to whom? Did you get a confirmation that they received your request?

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Hi @MrDoo, Did you set up an email address for the domain on your server? Comodo’s new rules require an admin email for the domain. When I ordered the SSL cert earlier this year they asked for the system administrator’s email, so I gave them your email (obviously it wasn’t a email address).

Today Comodo sent me email following up on the SSL order, asking if I had received it. They should have sent it to you. Did you receive any emails from Comodo?

The SNAFU probably is that we are now required to have an admin email for As usual, Comodo didn’t explain this full. They just asked for the system administrator’s email. I found the following information on the DreamHost site today, so this may be the source of the problem. We need a standard admin email for the domain for a Comodo SSL cert:

Hi @slspencer, I hope you are well in these interesting times.

I’m not able to set up an email address as you are in control of this domain. The company with which you’ve registered this domain probably has a free or low cost email offering as part of this service. I could set up an email service with one of my internet service providers, this would require you, as controller of the domain to set up MX records pointing to this mail service. I’m happy to setup those aspects that I can.

Ok I set up email at Dreamhost for It will forward to you at

It may take an hour or two to propogate through DNS. Then I’ll contact comodo. Thanks!