Another "very mathematical" way of making curves!



Grace, I have several family members in the direct path of Hurricane Irma and they woke up today to assess damage and check to see that they are alive. I don’t see a picture either, but I hope that the eliptical tool will be in the list of issues once they are back on the repository. I have not yet checked today to see if any issues are there. If I can tear my attention away from the weather long enough today I will try to figure out how to build the TAPE tool (not make changes, simply build a new version of what is there). I have a great deal of immunity to getting overexcited about anything today


See? It’s so ugly that the forum software won’t even allow me to show it!


forum software can be a bit buggy with showing uploaded images. should work if you use a couple of extra “enter key” entries before you use the upload icon for the image


Just an FYI… I use Lightshot for taking screen shots. You can add arrows, circles, squares. The text is very small so I haven’t used it before, but once you have your picture setup, you can copy it and paste it to the forum without having to save it to your computer. You can just google it.


@Grace I use Lightshot exactly that way and have this trouble too( That’s why my posts are edited so many times :sweat_smile: It looks like it gives less trouble if I save the picture in a folder first


Reported it again.


As I said, I made arcs my ally in the battle with the bra drawing. Looks like we are winning :laughing:


Here is how two corresponding curves scale in different sizes. See this little pink thingy with A51 mark? That’s the difference between their length. It’s less than 0.15 cm in every size I tried


I don’t think I can make a step-by-step tutorial of how to do this with any curve. It is a creative process. You make tangents and points on them, then you draw perpendiculars and see where they cross, use the distance from points on curves to crossing points to find arc centers. Something like that. You also use Line * x type of formula a lot.

I mastered this so I don’t even need a Bezier curve to start with :nerd_face:

It’s very flexible too, the only thing I can’t change freely (without history tab and lots of caution) is number of arcs in each curve)


I never noticed a problem with elipses. (granted I was not thinking like a tester… I did THIS while I was making a peplum as part of a costume for Evita. peplum.val (19.6 KB)

As you can see it has several “good enough” elipses and I was able to ignore the fact that they were less than a complete 360 degrees.

@KeithFromCanada it would be really good to have your .val file as part of the description of the issue. The person who ultimately tries to fix the problem needs to be able to reproduce the problem.


I guess that’s why Dismine just fixed it 2 days ago.

Exactly… the reality is nothing is EVER perfect when dealing with fabric cutting, pressing, and the sewing there of… there’s always a certain amount of fudge factor - especially when humans are involved. :slight_smile:


Can you add Valentina’s files of your examples, so that we can better understand the process?