Angle of two lines


Hello and good day. I try to find out how many degrees is the angle between two lines. Is there a good method for this? I also would like to copy this angle and draw a line with ths degree from the same angle peak. Thank you for your help.


Hi @hagidora and welcome

If you hover the cursor over the line, it will tell you what the angle and length of the line is.

If you would like to draw a line with the same angle, select the Point At Distance And Angle tool and click the point where you’d like to start the line from and again in the general area where you think the line will go. Enter the length of the line in the box provided and then, in the box provided, select the Formula button.


Clear the existing value, click the Angle of Line radio button and double-click the line that you need and press OK:


I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi Grace, thank you very much for the quick answer and your time you put it down! I try it now. :slight_smile:


I am afraid I do not have the Point At Distance And Angle tool…


:slight_smile: It looks like this:



Waaaaaah! Yes of course I have it. Thank you.