Android Version for Tablet


Are there any plans to create a version of Valentina to run on android? Would this be a good project for someone who wants to contribute? There is a Qt version on Android. I can see issues with this because the usefulness on a tiny (phone) screen would be limited. Many tablets also run android, so there is a possible user base (including me and several people in my immediate circle). How high or low is this idea in the current roadmap?


It’s a fantastic idea, one that will get a lot of attention. The current roadmap is based on our current programmer workload. With a programmer dedicated to this task, it can be moved to high priority and receive publicity, etc. Because this is an interesting subject, once it starts it may attract additional contributors.


In contrary i am not so enthusiastic about this idea. Yes, looks great and that’s all about this idea. To make this real we need separate developer for this project. Porting to Android require full redesign of GUI. I am not a fan of mixing two GUI ways in one app. Plus issue NDK vs SDK. So, as i see it, this is huuuuge task. Qt can help a little, but still it will require a lot work.

As to noise and attention. I’d rather get attention from professional pattern makers. This could make more profit for community. Do professional pattern makers see slow tablets with small screens as comfort place for work?:slight_smile:

As i said we need separate developer for this project to has a chance to even appear on horizon. Because the priority is super low now.


I understand that it would require a separate developer to do it and I understand that it is a lot of work. I am really tempted to take the project on myself, but I must use some discipline and finish what I have started with the McCunn tutorial first. I also understand that it is not likely that professional pattern makers would not be inclined to design patterns on slow tablets. It makes more sense to me to do a TAPE app on android first, but I can see a read only tablet version of Valentina as an intermediate step. I had this thought as I was looking at WWW and facebook on my tablet in bed last night.


Yes, you are right. I should not stop anybody if they want an Android version.


You are right too, it would be a real frustration to try to do much serious pattern design on a slow tablet and especially on a smart(?) phone. Technology will continue to creep and people’s expectations will continue to creep as well. If nobody else does it first, I will eventually make an app for android for TAPE and at least a read only Valentina version


Yes I understand that it would not be as powerful. But a tablet version would be perfect for a two-hour “Intro to patternmaking” session.


To be honest, it would be a complete waste of development time. If you want Valentina to run on a tablet, download remote desktop app from Microsoft, log into your PC, and you’ll have Valentina on a tablet. Useful when you’re out of office or on the road and you need to check a certain formula or whatever; I do this sometimes when I have a good idea about a formula and not at home or near a pc.

No professional patternmaker is ever going to make a complex pattern on a tablet/smartphone. It just doesn’t work. I work on a 32 inch monitor, just to have a decent overview.


Yes, you are right. But still, your comment showed that even you need a tablet version.:slight_smile:

Good part about all of this is that we cannot stop someone from doing it. Let’s them prove that we are wrong.

I just see that we are not ready for this task yet. We need a core developer for this project.


I just talked to a fellow today who might be interested in doing TAPE 2.0 in Unity using the points+path measurement creation system on 3D models. He doesn’t see it being too difficult and says that he will look into it. Choosing Unity means that TAPE will be able to run in web browsers as well as on PC and mobile devices.


@slspencer should be interested to hear about this


Keith, have them email me, you’ve got my email address!