After move and rotation making a new curve



I moved a part of my pattern. Then I closed the neck-dart with the rotation-tool and then I wanted to make a new curve. This is what I got:

Of course I can make them smaller with the bezier-handels but to see the red curves I have to make the window very small, so it makes it difficult to fetch them. Am I doing something wrong or is it what it is?


Can you repeat your doings? I need more info. Maybe you can record a video?


The handles of the new curves will are in the pattern origo. This does not happen at the first operation, but with the following ones.


I don’t get it. Can you explain for the order to repeat the bug?


Ahum, I made a video (for the first time). Now; how do I get it for you to see it?


If you can upload here. Or use dropbox. Someone know other places?


Does this work?



Thanks, i will look.


Fixed. Thanks.::slight_smile: :+1:


HI @Karenc,

We can upload .mov files now. Would you mind trying to upload your video again? Thanks!


I have another one which I posted on a other issue, but now I think it works.


Or not? In the “shoulder length intersection point” in HOW TO it works.


weird. I’ll look into how Discourse handles .mov files