Adjustable font of the Letters



I am at a start of my first pants pattern so I didn’t notice it before. I have a hard time reading the letters in the full-scale mode. It would be nice if they were a little bigger or that one is able to set them to a certain font.

Is this possible somehow?


No, your pattern is way too big. That’s why you don’t see letters. Use scaling.

The way you propose to “fix” this issue is not applicable. Imagine a pattern with a lot more letter then this. You will not see pattern at all. It will be hidden behind letters.

But i don’t say there is no issue here. Issue #244 New feature: Adjust line and point thickness and label size.


I don’t have special long legs so how can my pattern be way too big?:slight_smile: O course I use scaling and zoom in to read the letters but sometimes it is handy to see the whole picture when you have to draw a long line. But when it’s not possible, its not possible. Thank you for your reaction.


It is not possible only now.


‘way too big’ is relative to the size of the display canvas. :smiley: