Adjust front amora section to arm ball


When designing a sleeve, I always copy exactly the front sleeve neck in the arm ball. I’m thinking all the time, how can I implement with seamly, but come to no solution. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Seems to me that “move” tool is exactly what you need. It’s in “operations” group of tools. You can choose several elements copy them wherever you like


… but I can not move from piece to piece. The sleeve is laid out in a different section as the front part :frowning:


Try using the groups so that you can make parts of the pattern visible or invisible and do it on the same section. You can always move the sleeve out of the front sections drawing area on the same board.


I did not understand that. If I construct a sleeve for a top I have to create a new cut. In the groups, I have only access to the interface that is currently open :frowning:


Creating a new cut/piece is really useless, I recommend drawing everything in one. The fact that you can’t move points from one piece to another is only one of the reasons


Here’s a screenshot of a pattern all on one drawing board where everything is visible:

And here, I have made the bodice part invisible so that it doesn’t confuse me while I’m working on the sleeve or creating the detail of the sleeve:

All the difference parts can be drawn on the same drawing board. I just find it easier to do it that way so when I need something from another part, I just open the eye of the group and it’s visible. When I’m done, I close the eye so that I can’t see all the other nodes, only the nodes of the part I’m working on. This way, my drawing area keeps relatively clean, as well.

To create a group, use the tool of an eye under the operations section: image

You will be able to drag a box around all the nodes, curves and lines that you’d like to add to the group or select them individually holding down Ctrl key.

I hope this helps you a little :grin:

Thank you for the great explanation. That really makes sense. is there a chance to transfer the cuts or do I have to redesign again?

@Krolich: You spoke of other reasons that speak against the cuts. Which are they?


I have seen it correctly that you then use a different letter than point for the individual sections.


Oh, don’t mind my lettering… I do very funny things because I’m still learning. I change the colours and types of lines, depending on whether they are the final outline and if I’d like them to be less visible. The X, Y, Z lettering are because they are nodes that I’ve had to create which are not made in the instructions, and yes, in the instructions that I’m learning from, they normally say “1-2 is 15cm” (for example) and on the next piece “1-2 is half of 0-1”, so yes, the 1st piece I’ll label A and the 2nd piece B to distinguish between the pieces.

But that’s me, so I don’t use the wrong formulas and can find the ones I want easily.

I also use the groups with gay abandon. I create a group of something that “looks OK”, hide it and do something almost identical over the top of it to see which would look or work the best. I label these as ‘Try 1’, ‘Try 2’, etc. When I’ve chosen the one I like, I delete the others but hiding everything, except the Try I want to delete. Then I delete all the nodes in backwards order and once I’ve done that, I delete the group of that Try.


@Grace I find your explanations really easy to understand. Thank you, as always


Haha, thank you, @kmf.


@grace Thank you for your explanations. I am still learning and sucking up everything that comes my way. So far, I have always constructed only on paper and now I have to understand how the computer works … the approach to editing seems quite different. You talked about the knots. how do you set that up? is that comparable to the classic framework that is created at the beginning? Thanks again for your open explanations.


:slight_smile: Sorry, I guess some things get a little strange in the auto translations, so we have to be a bit careful in the words that we choose. I’m guilty!

What translated as ‘Knots’ to you is the word ‘Nodes’… In French ‘noeuds’. A node is the dot that is placed when you create a point, which is then labelled ‘A1’ (for example).

There is nothing to set up. You may change the reference number when you create it. Just be careful not to change them later, after they have been used in formulas as this can create errors that will need to be repaired.