Additional reference points after object creation


Hi, when i tried to change the starting point of an object, a newly created reference point is not available in the pull down menu of the starting points. Only the starting points available at the time of creation of the object are displayed. I cannot delete the old object because it was used by another objects as reference. need some help or suggestions. thanks for any help.


Hi @kuya_jos

Yes, you will need to add the starting point you’d like to reference back in the History, before you will be able to edit the starting point of the object. Please be very sure to make a backup to a file with a different name because this is VERY sensitive and will crash if you do the slightest thing wrong.

This chat will explain the process to you: Hacking Points in Pattern Files


Thanks @Grace, i will try to do that VERY sensitive procedure after a backup file.


:slight_smile: Did you manage?


Hi @Grace, i was not able to do it. It was difficult for me. I will just create another object to revise the draft and change the line format of the old objects, then i will make a new details. Thanks again.


Yes, it’s a marvelous feature once you have mastered it, but it’s very sensitive. If you send the files to me and explain what it is you would like to do, I can try to do it for you, if you wish :slight_smile:


hi Grace,

Can you give me your email? i will send the val and vit files to your email and let me know how it is done or teach me that sensitive work around. thanks for your help.