Adding property to the "Point intersect line and axis" instrument


Hello everyone. I open this topic to make a request and to discuss with you about my problem during the man jacket drawing. In the pics above you can see the moment when i’m about to draw the line of front piece shoulder, starting from the L’’ point. With the pattern method we use in my family’s tailoring lab, I need to draw a line with a proportional measure (related to the back shoulder), but I need to anchor it to the J-K line. I could do this with Point intersect line and axis, but this tool allows us only to change angle, not lenght. So I must use Point at distance and angle, which I manually orient to the right point; but you also understand that when iI change measure file, I don’t get a proper result due to the shoulder created that way. It would be difficult to the developers to add the “length” property in Point intersect line and axis tool?

Thanks, bye, and happy christmas :smiley: Luca


Maybe you can use " Point at intersection of arc and line" for this.

Select this function, then select point K and point J, then select your point L" As radius you use your proportional measure.


@luca_lavore, There is a tool called Special point on shoulder. Perhaps it would be useful for you.

you can search this forum for the word “shoulder” and find several discussions on the tool. Please, if that tool does not provide what you need, come back to this thread and let’s discuss what you need.


Yes, I’d also use the Special Point on Shoulder as the easier tool to use.


@AVI, @kmf, @Grace. I can’t use the tools you suggested, I don’t know why… The “special point on shoulder” doesn’t give me the right orientation with the points I have; the “Point at intersection of arc and line” doesn’t work if I don’t have an arc, I guess



You don’t need an arc, this draws an invisible arc with the distance you want, and places a point where it crosses your line.

arc and line.flv (1.5 MB)


It worked! I used the wrong tool before :slight_smile: Thank you everyone


thanks @luca_lavore. Glad to hear that the shoulder tool worked for you. I am in the middle of doing another tutorial for the upper body (shirt) sloper following the Lori Knowles patternmaking system because I think that will be a good place to illustrate the use of the shoulder tool.

I will get the example put together and let @Grace take look because she has taken the time to know more than I about how to use the various tools


Ah! @kmf, I’m sure you’ll do it perfectly. When I’m done with the little project I’m busy with, I’ll make some video tutorials, but it’ll probably be next year.


I am sure it will be next year before I am done with anything as well.