Adding points and name of the pattern piece


Hi everyone,

since I’m quite new here I don’t know if this problem has been solved or not.

So here is my question - is it possible to add points and pattern piece name on the “rendered“ output? I can see all the markers in the Details but when I click on Layout there is nothing but the outline of the pattern piece.

Thank you!



First of all say us which version do you use.

That’s very strange that you can’t see them. Can you post screenshots?


Hi dismine,

thank you for your reply.

The version is and this is a print screen of Details vs. Layout view of the same pattern. It would also be great if I could somehow include on the pattern the name of the piece…


This version doesn’t support this feature. You need a test build. Future version 0.5.0 supports passmarks, labels on details and internal paths (for example dart).


Thanks again for the super fast reply. Could you also let me know where can I find the test build of this version (Mac user)?


On our website. Monday is a day when we publish new test builds.


I’m sorry to bother you again but I still don’t have any markers or the name of the piece visible in Layout view (v 0.5b). Do I have to turn on some feature or should this be by a default?


You should turn on them manually.


@hi_i_am_sandra the place to turn the labels on manually is in details mode. if you right click on the pattern piece you will get a menu. Select “options”. You will see a window and on the left side you will see “labels”. If you click on labels, you will find the window to turn the labels on and use “pins” to place them where you want them. Note, you must have included a point as a “pin” in draw mode for this to work. If you did not, you are able to go back into draw mode and include a pin then go into detail mode and use it to position the label

hope this helps


Disimine and kmf thank you very much, you have been more than helpful!