Added a page in the wiki for indexing pattern files

I have added a page on the wiki to contain a list of pattern and measurement files created incidental to tutorials. If we all put a link to each new uploaded files and reference the list or an individual wherever a reference is appropriate the evolving documentation should stay fairly coherent.

Tutorials - Seamly2D has an example of where I have referenced the list. The source text of the reference is [[Valentina wiki pattern list | Valentina wiki pattern list ]]

and it points to a page to which you may add references. Even though you can’t upload a .val file it may still be useful to create a placeholder by adding the title to the list

I am about to upload my first two files and create the initial list that references them

NOTE: I edited this post to reflect the fact that it is still not possible to upload a .val file to the wiki (but that is an issue being worked and will be fixed)

@slpencer, apparently it is still not possible to upload a .val file to the wiki. I do see .val .vit and .vst as options in their name list but I get an error (it is detecting a type that does not match because they have a parser which detects the embedded xml). I did check the box to “ignore errors” but it will not ignore that one and nothing is uploaded. I will try again once you let me know that they address your second batch of requests.

The error message that I got when I attempted to upload a .vit file concerns me even more than the one about the embedded XML in the .val file. The message was: “This file contains HTML or script code that may be erroneously interpreted by a web browser.”

I can understand why the maintainers of the wiki would want to protect anyone from accidentally putting such a file anywhere it could become an potential exploit.

Is there any way to code for a specific file type handler to avoid this? And have a short list to access the table to keep it clean? Is this too complicated and should the files not be on the wiki in the first place and should the repository be elsewhere?

The table that I created will serve for now. it may be found at Seamly2D wiki pattern list - Seamly2D