Add text and lines wich are printed

Hi, I am new here… Can anybody tell me how to add text/discribtion to you pattern? And can I add lines, like the waistline or other connection points wich are later also printed? Don’t want ta have just a plain pattern :slight_smile: Thanks for your help,


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Hi, what you are looking for only under development. Stable release doesn’t support labels. But you could try next test build. Several days a go we have finished developing this feature. If you don’t want to wait you can build the source code yourself.

If you are asking about internal path no. This feature is still unfinished.

Thanks for your quick respond. Where do I find the test build? Sorry, I’m not very good at programming…

The easiest way is to visit

I did visit the webside, but it’s not very clear where to find what. I’ve just installed the version, but there is no text funktion… Maybe I should just wait

Yes, you did all right. But that build doesn’t contain labels yet.

You don’t need to know programming to be able to build the last code from develop branch. But you need to know what install and what to call. If you interested i could try to help you.

Thank you, that would be perfect. I’ll be back tomorrow…

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And by ‘adding lines’ and ‘connection points’ you probably mean ‘notches’ or ‘passmarks’ to indicate how to match pattern pieces together. This is in the pipeline to be developed. If you have friends, siblings, spouse, relatives who are programmers, ask them to work on Valentina! We can’t get it all done without you and your help!

That’s what I mean :slight_smile: Sorry, I’m a tailor but german native. You are absolutely right by saying you can’t do it yourself, I’ll see what I can do…

By the way, I’m working in an affortable V-plotter, that might be interesting for the project as well…

One more question, I’m an oldschooler in pattern drawing. I love doing it by hand, seeing all the lines, put notes on it for the tailors, mark the pockets and so on… Is it somehow possible to print just the drawing. I wouldn’t need all the afterwork like seam allowance and arranging the pattern.

And at least, is there a way getting me involved somewhere?

Thank you, Sven from Salzburg

Yes, never head about wall plotter.:slight_smile: But unfortunately or luckily current level of programming abstractions should work without needs of modification. But still lets us know if something wrong.[quote=“tailor_s, post:10, topic:511”] Is it somehow possible to print just the drawing. [/quote]

Theoretically yes (very trivial), but i will not do it. Because this is open source project anybody can hack it for own purposes.

Like all pattern makers: localization, bug reports, feature requests. Also we have Wiki that still doesn’t contain User Manual.

I thought little bit and think this is very easy task. Please, create an issue ticket.

I’ve tried to create an issue, but neither can log in nor sign up…

Okay, I just did it… thank you

Are you developing a plotter?

It’s more building then developing… But yes, I try to.

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Can you start a new thread and post some pics about it?

I will but it takes some time