Add text and lines which are printed

Hi, I am new here… Can anybody tell me how to add text/discribtion to you pattern? And can I add lines, like the waistline or other connection points wich are later also printed? Don’t want ta have just a plain pattern

Thanks for your help, Dan

Hi, please tell us which version do you use.

use internal path for ur lines to add them to details and use labels in details for ur text


Hi there, culd you please provide some more info on that topic?

I would need some more Text then just one line. Is there a way to add more then one Label? Maybe just a Textbox?

Thanks a lot

P.S. Valentina Version is

Hi, please do not be lazy and try first. We already give you all information you must to know.

well thanks dismine… I DID try it first.

As far as i see its 30 Letters per Designpart. I asked for a way to add more then one Label or an additional textbox.

I even looked through the wiki and did not find a mention of the label at all.

So, is there any way to add more Text to a Design or not?


There is no such possibility.

oooom but my 30 holly letters dear @BOFH within the design mode here u can find piece path tool

select ur path that u want add to an existing detail then press enter key choose ur piece and name it then u can find it here in details options in details mode and its options


for labels choose options of ur detail and go to labels menu here

fill the letter as ur wish and by selecting the added labels u can update or remove them then u must enable ur labels from here finally u can see internal path and labels here

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this is great

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