About the Testing category


This category contains threads about new or improved features that are ready for testing in the feature branch.

To test new/improved features: See the Developer Information section at Seamly2D. Requires Qt 5.7+ and Mercurial. Build in Qt with daily code feature branch from https://bitbucket.org/valentinateam/valentina/overview.

Suggestions for testing scenarios: Run Valentina, use the new or improved feature in several types of new patterns (simple, complex), add to existing patterns, use at beginning of pattern and also after making lots of formulas, and in multiple pattern pieces. Test with lots of deletes, re-dos, and changes. Test the entire flow from Draw to Layout. Report results to this thread and discuss if a new issue should be created.


I have been thinking about software testing (very formal from a past life) and also thinking about the development of tutorial/sample patterns. @slpencer I want to talk about this in person next week, but what I have in mind is developing a “test suite” which would be a step by step list of instructions for someone to take a new version of valentina and run it through all of the features. I understand that in the rapid development and improvement phase where the project seems to be now that nobody has the time to think about “regression testing”. Since I know very little about the Valentina program now it seems to me that if I am disciplined enough to take good notes as I figure it out this could eventually lead to a “test suite” and a tutorial and a repository of examples. I am not having delusions of grandeur and do not think I am personally able to do all of this, especially in the very near term. What I want to talk about is volunteering to do some of this as a byproduct of my work (which will be developing a few patterns for costumes) and that I would be aware of what others do and try to gather it up and organize it as it grows


also, I just installed the latest windows version of valentina and will post a couple of screen shots of small bugs - the larger issue is that I have 3 environments in which I am able to test: I have a “native” installation of Windows 10. I have the KUBUNTU 16.10 operating system installed. I have “WINE” which is a windows emulator installed under kubuntu. On my 2 monitors, I was able to bring up Valentina windows version running under WINE side by side with Valentina running under linux (KUBUNTU distribution). I believe it would be good eventually to have an environment to quickly and easily see if some new feature works properly in both environments (or that no accidental bug is introduced that affects only one environment).

I understand that the Valentina source code “should” be immune to errors introduced by one operating system and not another, but we live in an imperfect world and I am willing to wager that this issue can eventually make a problem.


@kmf - Fantastic idea for a test suite. A test suite of some type has been in our roadmap since the beginning. Roman will be pleased! Looking forward to meeting up next week.