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Bonjour!comment on fait si on veut imprimer le patron sur papier A4?je vous remercie pour la reponse!


Hi, I’m Monica Pedro from Portugal. I’m learning to use Seamly with it enthusiastic tools. I would like to contribute to this wonderful project, and to star this I could provide translation to Portuguese. Would you like to have this type of contribution? Best regards Mónica


Hello, I am Adrien and I write from Paris - Fr. I just discovered Seamly2D but I feel that the project is abandoned. Does a team still work on the project? I used to use 2D drawing software and could this experience be useful? I have suggestions for improvements and suggestions for translations into French. In any case it is a work of Titans that has been done and I thank the community. Adrien

Translated by Google


Hi @adrien! No the project is not abandoned! We have patternmaking expertise, and we’re applying that expertise to software. The open source development process can be inconsistent over time. Please keep checking for updates soon.