A mobile app for managing (body) measurements



Do you need a mobile app to manage body measurements of yourself or clients?

If so, please respond with your story and what you need the app to do. I will update the list of what the app must/should do below.

Current vision (to be improved):

Stories: S1: A designer is selling sewing patterns over the internet and needs to get their client’s measurements into Valentina to draft the pattern in an automated fashion. S2: A seamstress working with Valentina is taking measurements of a customer in her shop and needs a quick way to record the measurements.

The app must: M1: allow you to create/edit individual measurements (e.g. of a person) from/to your mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) M2: allow you to create/edit subsets of Valentina’s measurements (purpose: going through the whole list of Valentina’s measurements when entering data is overwhelming, it’s easier to work with just those measurements you need) M3: be available in different languages

The app should:

  • be fairly minimal, doing just what’s needed to manage people’s measurements
  • (for S1) run over the internet so the designer can point their customer to a website asking for exactly the measurements the designer needs
  • (for S2) run on Android and iOS
  • check if measurements fall in to a “normal” range for the given measurement and warn if they don’t. Purpose: help spot typos right away since having to take a measurement again later is a major pain
  • provide account management
  • provide customer management
  • let you compose/send emails with measurements (file or human readable format) attached

Far away ideas that would be cool in the future but probably won’t make it into the app this time:

  • the app should draft patterns using .val and .vit file, lay them out on the sheet and send them right to the plotter/printer
  • ability to store and sync data via the internet

The plan is to write the app during Google Summer of Code 2017. To get a good result, we need to put in some effort now to get a clear vision of how the app will look and what it does.

Please contribute by

  • telling your story of how you would use the app
  • stating what the app absolutely must do for you, and what it should do
  • drawing screens of the app to help guide/inspire the developer to make it work the way you expect it to


I think we should make clear that the app will support only individual measurements. Am i right?[quote=“Sabine_Schmaltz, post:1, topic:546”] Please contribute by [/quote]

I added a post on Facebook. This should help more people to see this thread.


I think we should make clear that the app will support only individual measurements. Am i right?

Yes, right. It’s about recording people’s individual measurements. I’m updating that.


Do you plan support localizations?


Do you plan support localizations?

Good point. I think we should.


Does this mean it will be two separate code bases (native applications)? Should we first concentrate on one platform? Which?


I think the quickest way to do this is to have it be a HTML5 app that is wrapped into a WebView (e.g. using Cordova) to make it run on Android and iOS. That way, we could reuse code between web app and the mobile apps.

If performance turns out to be a big issue (I doubt it, considering that the app is fairly simple), we can still implement native apps later. This way, we have the advantage of having learned from iterating on the HTML5 app what people really need.


Ladyee Vava September 14 at 2:46pm

Definitely it would be great to have an app that we could have on a phone, where we could register the clients measurements, then connect it to the computer and generate the pattern that we need. That would be awesome!


It would be a nice app. I would like have the ability to use custom measurement as well. In Mueller & Son system there is Neck back to waist via bust point value, which is not directly available in Valentina measurements.

I tested to take all Valentina measurements last summer and it was difficult.

  • The order of the measurements. You should that all in logical order
  • It is easy to make errors. There should some kind of error checking.
  • Only one value under work at the time. I should not be possible to modify the other value during entry.


Good point. I like.

Can you provide an image, maybe we could add it to the list of known?

Logical order is important, but what is this mean?

Can you explain which errors you mean?

And don’t forget. As Sabin said “the app should be fairly simple”.


The errors are typos. To type in wrong place or a wrong value.

The value checking could based on persons hight.

  • The value range could be calculated of that.
  • There could be just a warning if out of range

The wrong place can solved by showing just one value at time in the app.

The missing value is

The logical order is sequence like a simple example when measuring H Vertical values I should measure also J Bust and not having I values in the middle. Just thinking the part of the person under measurement and measure all values at the same time.


The order of the measurements. You should that all in logical order

Considering that logical order of measurements may be dependent on the pattern drafting system used, I think the app needs to be flexible here.

One idea is to let you configure the app when you first use it to pick all the measurements that you need (and, if necessary, add custom ones). There, you could set an order that seems logical to you. Do you think that could work?

It is easy to make errors. There should some kind of error checking

One thing we could have the app do is check if the value isn’t excessively large or excessively small, and warn if it is. For that, we basically just need to keep a list of ranges of “normal” values for the the respective measurement. This sounds like a convenience feature, so it can go on the “should” list.

Only one value under work at the time. I should not be possible to modify the other value during entry

I suppose the app could show a screen that shows the image for exactly one measurement and have one input box on that screen for exactly that measurement. Then, have “Next”, “Prev” buttons as well as a way to jump to a specific measurement in the set you’re currently taking. Does that make sense?


Timo, this measurement should be added to Valentina.

I strongly suggest that custom measurements should not be included in the customer measurement files in the app. Custom measurements are only applicable at design-time.

Saving custom measurements and pattern system measurements into the customer measurement file breaks the Valentina shareable patterns and shareable measurements model.

Custom measurements are designer-specific, pattern-system-specific, and pattern-specific, they are not customer-specific. The current approach deviates from best practices from a software architecture and data structure perspective.

Further discussions on this will be in a new thread, but for now, let’s not add custom measurements to the app.


My ideal app will use the camara and take measurements automarticaly. If the app cannot take all measuments with just one photograph the must ask for another body position of camera position,


Something like this?


hahaha, it’s great! it’s great!


The foundation of the measurement app is:

  • account management
  • customer management
  • data gathering
  • file creation
  • email file

The first version has manual data gathering. The data gathering process will be upgraded to utilize 3D scans and photography.

  • data gathering
  • file creation

I think these are covered by the spec above and these are must have features.

  • account management
  • customer management
  • email file

To me, this looks like a bunch of (probably useful) should have features that will need some clarification of how they should exactly work.

Account management, as I understood, refers to letting people create an account online (which could later on be used to make syncing across devices easy). Note that, in many countries, how you handle customer data (and, in particular, in what countries you keep the data) is subject to privacy law.

Customer management is about letting people keep data on customers, like their emails, some notes, and, in this particular case, measurements.

Email file: this seems quite useful to me. One way that could work is that you can compose an email inside the measurements app, and it automatically attaches the measurement file (or, possibly, a human-readable version of it).

I propose that we gather all the should have features and then, in a few weeks vote on the importance of them. So that we can then implement them in order of usefulness to people.


Here is how these features would work:

Account management: The user sets up app security with their username and password. Global settings: Use can enter email. User can choose to automatically login to app.

Customer management: The user can create multiple customers with first name, last name, email. Would gender be an appropriate field?

Data management: Global setting: The user can select the fields for gathering measurements and save as a measurement filter. Can select a filter as default. Individual customers: The user can select the customer (can be newly created) and select the measurement filter (or accept default) and enter measurement data. The user can save the data, save locally for future use in the app, and send the file via email to user & customer.


Hi @Stinde,

When you get a few minutes, could you please add this measurement as an issue on Bitbucket? Include the pic! And it would be helpful if you could start another thread about the user experience with the Measurements module. This is an area that could benefit from some in-depth user discussion.