20200622 Windows Test Build! 🎇 Fixes some quirks

:sparkler: Download the June 22, 2020 Windows Test Build! :sparkler:
We adjusted the build tools, and this seems to have fixed the little quirks.

:scissors:Download Windows test build from June 22, 2020 here:scissors:

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Installed. I haven’t encountered the bug, so I don’t know if it fixes anything. Seems to work at least.


No bugs reported yet…lookin’ good :sunglasses:

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I’m adding this here so that it can be checked before an issue is created.

It seems that people downloading Seamly2D for the first time can’t choose which languages they would prefer to use. It didn’t do this to me but I had the previous version installed before I installed this version and I can’t remember if it asked me or not.

This has been mentioned twice in the past few days - Here:

and here:

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Hi @Grace, would you add an issue to the github repo? Issues · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub

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